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Data Architect (BW/Hana)

8+ years of IT experience in building data warehouse solutions using SAP HANA and SAP BW.

Hadoop Admin

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, data science, data analytics, interactive media, or related field.

Tableau Admin

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, data science, data analytics, interactive media, or related field , 8+ years of experience in Application Administration

Data Engineer (Talend/Bigdata)

8+ years of experience in data modeling and ETL using industrial leading tools to process the data using RDBMS, In-Memory and Bigdata data stores

Data Visualization Developer

5+ years experience building data visualizations using B.I. tools (BOBJ, Tableau, Power BI, etc.) with a focus on strong Tableau skill

SAP Lumira Developer

5+ years of IT experience in Dashboard developments: Lumira Designer 2.x and above, Lumira Scripting (BIAL),SDK Extensions (ChartPLUS or Visual BI), Lumira

DevOps Engineer

8+ years of DevOps Engineering or similar software engineering role in build automation and continuous deployments

API Developer

8+ years of experience in Web application development using Java and Python

Senior ServiceNow Developer

Provide support, administration and maintenance of ServiceNow platform and associated applications.

Welcome to Your Future

CAI is always looking for talented, creative, intelligent people who are motivated to make a difference. We want great people that find joy in creating and sharing the perfect solution for our customers. Our culture is open and inclusive; irrespective of your background and experience. We support emerging and wide-ranging skills for our team members through professional development, technological training and career advancement.

Managers & Leaders Work for Teams

CAI strives to create an environment where "Managers & Leaders work for their teams" to make them successful. We believe our front line team members add value to our customers. You will find challenging opportunities in an environment that recognizes and rewards exceptional performance. "Individuals become leaders, not by virtue of authority or designation but through relationship and empathy"

Driven to Pursue Knowledge, Learn & Grow

The pursuit of knowledge must be viewed as a life-long journey rather than as a single event. This is especially true of professionals within the Information Technology Industry, an industry that is constantly evolving. CAI associates must accept responsibility for the ongoing development of their skill sets and actively seek to receive and transfer knowledge to team members and the company as a whole.

Goals for Self-Improvement

CAI is committed to the philosophy that every associate is responsible for the development and management of their career. Personal initiative, self-reliance, and the ownership of one's development plan, work, and relationships are a result of living out this value. We must be committed to the expenditure of personal time and energy outside the workplace. We must also recognize that each day presents learning opportunities.


Continuous Improvement

The pace at which the Information Technology Industry and our business are changing, coupled with the expectations of our customers, requires each associate and the business as a whole to be dissatisfied with the way they currently perform their roles and responsibilities. We must focus on continuous improving our business practices and processes to meet the demands of a globally competitive marketplace.

Commitment to Excellence

Every associate must be committed to the pursuit of excellence and improvement through change. The inevitability of change tells us there is always a better way of doing business. In order to do so, each associate must be committed to the personal pursuit of excellence. We must ask ourselves what we can do to improve the quality and quantity of our work. We must ask the same of our teams, business units, regions, and the company as a whole.

High Achievement Result

CAI associates are focused on their personal performance. They are aware that the quality of their contributions will determine whether we meet our overriding business goals. They are aware that helping the company achieve its goals will intern result in achieving their personal goals, in that ways results high achievement and high rewards and absolute satisfaction for both personal and for the company.

Serve the Community

If our focus stops with improving the quality of our personal lives or business, we are a self-serving group of professionals who miss the bigger picture.  CAI believes the business and its associates have an obligation to serve their communities so that they are stronger, healthier places in which to work and live. We also encourage you to find local service opportunities through community groups, churches, temples and synagogues.

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