Providing Strategic Solutions to Enable Our Customers

CAI was founded in 1981 to provide quality information services to companies of all sizes. At that time, as is still the case today, many IT projects were characterized by:

  • Missed Deadlines
  • Poor Quality
  • Budget Overruns

CAI saw a need to provide customers with added value beyond simply providing a resource. In the mid-80s CAI believed that applications could be developed on-time, within budget, and at a high quality by adhering to standards and repeatable processes.

Since then, CAI has developed repeatable processes and procedures which allow projects to be completed on time at an agreed upon budget. These processes and procedures have become the backbone of CAI's application development methodology known as CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT. The result is that CAI is able to provide our customers with guaranteed deliverables, on-time and on-budget.

Out of the initial construction management model, CAI developed the LEGACY SUPPORT methodology in 1989. The goal of the methodology, which is a project-based maintenance service model, was to provide guaranteed service levels and cost-reductions. The primary benefits that CAI customers can realize are 1) redeployment of key resources; 2) increased productivity; and 3) reduced support costs. In total, Managed Maintenance enables customers to meet and exceed the demands of the maintenance and support environment.

The introduction of CAI's first Solution Delivery Center in 1988 gave CAI a competitive advantage for providing off-site support to customers. The SOLUTION CENTERS provide easy access to a "virtual" global staff that can expand and contract as necessary in response to customer needs. The Solution Delivery Centers enable our technical and managerial professionals to quickly and effectively respond to customer requirements and needs.

In response to growing customer and industry requirements for value added, efficient, desktop support solutions, CAI's Desktop Services practice was founded in 1991. Our Desktop Services practice provides desktop solutions that are rooted in the utilization of a systematic, process-driven methodology.

CAI's presence has expanded with several new locations in Europe and Canada. The Manila Solutions Center was added in metropolitan Manila, Philippines, to provide Offshore and Alternative Delivery Solutions for off-site support and development capabilities. In 2007, CAI proudly launched a new Asia Pacific business unit based in Sydney, Australia.

CAI's Roadmap